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Oct 30, 2016 DISCLAMIER: This web page is not maintained by the Municipal Police Training Committee. This site is intended to provide updated information on MPTC firearms training and instructor certification topics between the biennial re-certification classes. While every attempt has been made to insure the
Training Materials Provided. 100 Rounds. FN 303® Less Lethal Launcher. Operator's Manual. Cleaning Kit. Instructional materials (provided electronically). Certificate of completion. Law Enforcement personnel may receive CEUs depending on state. *Do not forget to bring Ear/Eye protection and suitable range clothing.
The FN 303® Less Lethal Launcher Instructor/Armorer certification course trains student Instructors in the proper techniques of safe operation, care, cleaning and deployment Operator Course Content Review; Instructor Qualification course; Performance of all Armorer related maintenance; Inspection, documentation and
physically resist.) Block Five: Retention of Duty Sidearm. FBI: Front Gun Retention. PPCT: Holstered Weapon Retention. KOGA: Front Gun Retention. NOVA: Front Gun .. The students will discuss and understand proper documentation for The students will receive an overall introduction to less-lethal uses of force. 1.
The authorized / preferred kinetic energy impact system of the W.P.D is a designated 12 gauge. 870-style shotgun (clearly marked by the color orange). 2. The projectile shall be a sock style projectile (i.e the CTS Super Sock and Federal Labs. Drag Stabilized projectiles). NOTE: Flat square projectiles beanbag projectiles
UN Peacekeeping PDT Standards for Formed Police Units 1st edition 2015. PUBLIC ORDER MANAGEMENT. Less Than Lethal. Weapons At the end of the final stage the instructor will be able to assess if the student is competent in . example, shotguns and 40 mm canisters launchers), others are weapons specifically.
Idaho POST Shotgun Instructor Manual. This Shotgun Certification Course Manual was originally compiled and edited by That original material was given to students attending a. Combat Shotgun course at The . versatile tools available when either lethal or less-lethal force is needed. The shotgun is the only firearm that
This is an informational guidebook designed to provide an overview of less-lethal devices. Readers are cautioned that no group for creating such a useful and thorough manual. Most importantly, the information is .. appropriate weapons (e.g., sidearm, shotgun, automatic rifle, long rifle), there are many instances where.
of the slide action and/or compensating for the recoil of full power loads. Both can be solved with good training. This is where your abilities as a firearms instructor will help your officers make the best use of this tool. Whether you choose to retain the shotgun with its full capabilities or just limit it to a less than lethal capacity,
Instructor Instructors Manual 2010 Edition Basic Firearms Instructor Course that can be search along internet in training aids & suppliesshotgun instructor student manual firearms instructors instructor provided 0110 1 appendix 4update your instructor credentials for less lethal of less lethal shotgun rounds recertified

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