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The goal is to reduce the volume of material for components in order to save cost and weight in die casting. The more metal the component contains, the more
Four major alloy groups account for most of the die castings produced in North America: aluminum, magnesium, zinc and zinc aluminum also known as ZA.
Investment-cast parts have precise tolerances, need little or no postforming and follow similar aspect-ratio guidelines that apply to the overall part: Keep the
4 Jan 2016 Home; Blog The current uses for die castings include machinery, vehicles, You should try to design parts with a straight parting line because it is the . divides finishes into five classes and offers the following guidelines:.
26 Feb 2015 Meloon Foundries Sand Castings produced in Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Green Sand, Home · About Us · Capabilities should take place between the Design Engineer, the casting producer and the machining source. The shrink factors vary for different metals and also the configuration of the part.
“Don't design castings!” 2. Do Practice “simultaneous engineering”. 3. Know “Effectiveness of casting design”. 4. Design for Function & Assembly. 5. Rib the part
SPOKANE INDUSTRIES INVESTMENT CASTING PRODUCTION AND SUPPORT CAPABILITIES. .. Design Guide. Investment Castings This allows you to design a part that is ideal for your application. Spokane In-House Machine Shop.
age seen in application. The cast design proposed combined the two weldments into one, reducing overall component costs, assembly labor, factory part count
DESIGN GUIDE to the higher temperatures necessary for die-casting, magnesium injection molded Phillips' in-house metallurgical lab is an integral part.
uct design engineers in designing and specifying parts for cost-effective die casting production—in These design-for-die casting guidelines are intended as a concise die casters with in-house hog-out capabilities. Prior to die casting die

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