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Sensor type. Retroreflective Models (M.S.R. function). Distance-setting. Item. Model E3G-R13-G E3G-R17-G E3G-MR19-G E3G-MR19T-G. E3G-L73. E3G-L77. E3G-ML79-G E3G-ML79T-G. Sensing distance 10 m (500 mm) * (When using the E39-R2). 0.2 to 2 m (White paper 300 x 300 mm). Setting distance. ---. 0.5 to 1.2 m
Long-distance Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier Line of Long-distance Photoelectric Sensors for Large Workpieces Includes Retroreflective Models with Sensing Distance of 10 m and Distance Settings Up to 2 m.
Pre-wired (2 m). ---. E3G-L73 2M. ---. Connector (M12). E3G-L77. Terminal block. ---. E3G-ML79. Yes. E3G-ML79T. Appearance. Sensing distance. Model. Minimum order. Remarks. Rated value. Reference value . Reflector, Adjustment screwdriver, and Instruction manual. Adjustment screwdriver and Instruction manual
Sensing method, Retro-reflective (with MSR function), Distance-setting. Model, E3G-R13, E3G-R17, E3G-MR19, E3G-MR19T, E3G-L73, E3G-L77, E3G-ML79, E3G-ML79T. Sensing distance, 10 m (500 mm) *1 (when using E39-R2), White paper (300 x 300 mm): 0.2 to 2 m. Setting distance, ---, White paper (300 x 300 mm):
Sensing method. Retroreflective (polarized). Diffuse. Part number. E3G-R13. E3G-R17. E3G-MR19 E3G-MR19T E3G-L73. E3G-L77. E3G-ML79 E3G-ML79T. Sensing distance. 0.5 to 10 m (1.64 to 32.8 ft) using E39-R2. 0.2 to 2 m (0.66 to 6.56 ft). Setting distance. ---. 0.5 to 2 m (1.64 to 6.56 ft). Standard sensing object.
10 30 VDC. NPN/PNP. Connector. 200 mm to 2 m. 300 x 300 mm. Kodak 90% white card. E3G-L77. 12-240 VDC,. Relay. Terminal white card. E3G-ML79-US. 12 240 VDC,. 24-240 VAC. Relay Manual fine threshold adjustment (NORMAL mode: 13 levels/ZONE mode: 5 levels). Indicator. Operation indicator (orange
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E3G-MR19T. Distance-setting. Pre-wired. E3G-L73 g. Connector. White paper (300 x 300 mm). ---. E3G-L77. ---. Terminal block. 0.2 to 2 m. E3G-ML79 block. 0.2 to 2 m. ON or OFF delay. 0 to 5 s (adjustable). ---. E3G-ML79T. Note: 1. Figures in parentheses indicate the minimum required distances between the Sensors and
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Long-distance Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier. Model E3G-L73. Model E3G-L77. Model E3G-ML79[], (-G), (-US). Model E3G-R13. Model E3G-R17. Model E3G-MR19[], (-G), (-US). Terminal Protection Cover for .. Instruction manual, Adjustment driver. Instruction manual, Mounting bracket,. Adjustment driver